I admit it. I'm a motorcycle, classic car and boat lover who has equally enjoyed driving and wrenching on machines since I was a kid. Guess it all started with model cars, planes, train sets and mini bikes like it did for so many boys, who end up as big kids with bigger, more expensive toys. Just ask my wife.


A few years ago while working underneath the dash of my classic car, I struggled in a tight space while trying to start a screw. My hand was cramped and I maneuvered by feel, unable to see while trying to hold onto it and then dropping the screw enough times to frustrate me quite a bit. A week or so later while replacing the oil pan gasket, I had more time to focus on that nagging problem and I began thinking how great it would be if I could turn my fingertip into a magnet. No more struggling to hold a ferrous metal object in a tight space, or worse, dropping and losing it. With a working knowledge of magnets from a previous magnetic invention I successfully sold for motorcycle seats, I began to develop an idea for a single finger "glove" with a powerful magnet at the tip. After a lengthy designing, testing and refining process, I can gladly say it was well worth the effort.


The Magnetic Finger belongs in every garage, home, workbench, tool box, kitchen drawer (even doubles as a refrigerator magnet, making it even handier) and is an indispensable tool for a wide range of projects around the house and in the workplace.  Kids even love playing with it - having a "magic finger" is both fun and fascinating for them.


I've welcomed feedback from the start, and in early 2006 I was asked to produce a version with a wrist-attachment for use during industrial applications. Requests came in as well for a Magnetic Finger Full Glove that provides hand protection, and both are now available. Meanwhile, let me know if you have any other suggestions and I'll consider them while tinkering out in my garage!