We have received over 600 enthusiastic comments, and we really appreciate the feedback.  Here are some of our favorites. 


The Magnetic Finger is a godsend. A simple yet effective tool with an endless number of ways it can be used. And, it can be used on any finger!"

Thomas Pollick

Salt Lake City, UT


"The Magnetic Finger has a wide range of uses. It's great for the mechanic that drops a nut or bolt in a tight spot, and great for the craftsman trying to drive small brads by hand. It can easily save many hammer-smashed fingers!"

Keven Wyvell

Edwardsville, IL


"I am a woodworker with large hands. Many times I need to use a needlenose pliers to reach tight spots. TunrPro's Magnetic Finger helped to place screws, nuts and bolts in these tight spots easily. It really came in handy when I needed to replace some parts on my Delta planer. Placing small screw into holes down in the planer was almost impossible before, but this product made it a no-brainer."

Jim Freihaut

Lamar, IN


"I like how simple yet versatile the Magnetic Finger is. I used it to find studs in a wall instead of packing around my studfinder. I find it hard to pick up small brads and nails without the Magnetic Finger, due to my large calloused hands."

Stephen Smith

Fair Oaks, CA


"I installed two overhead fans with the Magnetic Finger and it worked great for all those small screws, lock washers and nuts that the fan blades take- five blades per fan. I recommend that everyone needs to have at least one in their tool box. I like that I can use it on any finger I want too."

Jesse Moore

Thayer, MO


"Fantastic idea. Works great in the workshop and all around the house. My wife uses it to pick up straight pins at her sewing machine, and even the kids found it works great on their magnetic drawing board!"

Michael Provard

West Jordan, UT


"The Magnetic Finger really got my attention as I too have a 1965 Corvette and have experienced working under the dash and dropping screws, etc. I truly appreciate the magnetic fingertip! It sure beats duct tape on the fingertip- sticky side out."

Ronald Glowacki

Mentor, OH


"Extremely convenient for retrieving screws where you can't fit your whole hand, such as behind cabinets, washing machines, etc! Great fit and well-made."

Aaron Ong

Herndon, VA


"I love it!"

Teresa Rice

Pathfork, KY


"This is a very good product for working on newer cars where space is limited and all you have room for is your fingers. Sure beats trying to tape the nuts and bolts on! Also, it worked great for holding small nails when hanging pictures."

Roger Parsons

Colfax, IA


"The day I got the Magnetic Finger I had to replace a thermostat on a car. We all know how tough is can be to get bolts lined up on the housing. The Magnetic Finger allowed to easily

line up the bolts without dropping them in the engine compartment. This product will stay in my tool box for a long time!"

James Kramer

Monticello, IN


"It's like having super powers."

Dennis Berkowitz

Melbourne, FL


"The Magnetic Finger is used in our garage as well as in my wife's crafts room. I keep it on the refrigerator since my wife uses this useful tool as much as I do!"

Charles Harmon

Terre Haute, IN


"Love it, love it, love it! The day before I got it we were putting up a shed, and my friend had a bolt on the top and me with the nut inside. There wasn't enough space between the bolt and the beam for my finger to take hold of the nut. After much frustration dropping the nut we gave up. The next day we used the Magnetic Finger and it was perfect. I love it!"

Sloopy  Brown

Oakland Park, FL


"It's a pretty clever product. Really helpful for projects with small objects, and it's not bulky and doesn't get in the way. Great idea! Great for women too!"

Toni Arnold

Panama City, FL


"I recommend the Magnetic Finger- Definitely!  It's great with screws and anything metal. Excellent idea. Very versatile and so easy to use. Since you wear it, it never gets lost! I'd buy a dozen for stocking stuffers for Christmas."

Delleen Le Veau

Concord, CA


 What an outstanding idea! This tool virtually takes care of one of the biggest annoyances working with small parts, especially in tight places; dropping parts, sometimes several times. I've used this tool not only when working on my classic car but also in my regular job as a field service rep in the plastics processing industrial machinery world with robots,etc. I have an intense appreciation for fine machinery and tools. The Magnetic Finger is a fine addition to my tool box."

Craig Johnson   
Hebron, CT
"There is a God! The Magnetic Finger is so easy to use and fits perfectly. Objects stay put. If only we had this product years ago! Thanks!"
Joe Cardenas   
Maplewood, MN
"Where has the Magnetic Finger been all my life!  I've tried grease on my finger and many other things to get the tough screws and nuts into small places. This Thanksgiving I had to replace the carburetor on an '86 Jeep, and the Magnetic Finger was perfect for the 4 nuts that hold the carb to the intake. The Magnetic Finger should be in every toolbox! All in all it's a fantastic product!"
Michael Baker   
Waynesville, OH
"A truly amazing product!  Everything I picked up with the Magnetic Figner was held in place exactly where it should be. Any maintenance person would love having one!"
Joseph Marchani
Moundsville, WV
"Why didn't I think of this!  Everyone should have a Magnetic Finger in their toolbox!"
Don Mouser
Redmond, OR
"This product is a lifesaver in tight places.  50% of the time I assemble parts under the dash by feel. The Magnetic Finger was/ is needed!  Smart. Real smart!"
A J Auto Detail/ John Jurado
Caldwell, ID
"The Magnetic Finger is a great product!  I used it for threading nuts and bolts with great ease- also great for picking up metal objects from your intake manifold. I also use it to hold nails and it works like a charm. No more smashed fingers!"
Mike Hynson  
Orlando, FL
"Why could I have thought of this?  I used the Magnetic Finger the day I received it. Handy little thing!  Keep it close by in my toolbox. I need another one at work!"
Rick Linnebur
Saint George, SC
"It works exactly as designed. Very specialized tool, easy to use and inexpensive. Great to have around whenyou need it!"
Dallas Butts
Saltillo, MS
"When working on my street rod or trucks, I find myself dropping a nut or washer etc. in the smallest openings or tight spots, but now that I have the Magnetic Finger I am in heaven. Hats off to the Finger. This is one hell of a product. Thanks!"
Gregory Schulette
Manitowoc, WI
"Works great. The Magnetic Finger fits snug and it sure beats using a piece of two-sided tape wrapped around your finger!"
Don Monasmith
Salina, KS
"This is possibly the best tool I have in my tool box.  It allows me to reach areas where I wasn't able to hold small objects with my fingers and not have to break out the needle nose plyers to try and hold what I'm working on from the backside."
Scott Parks
Hampton, VA
"Excellent product, and I can't believe it's never been produced before! I used the Magnetic Finger as soon as I got it. Highly recommended!"
Brian Dellinger
Lenoir, NC
"I recommend the Magnetic Finger because it's easy to use and effective! It isn't messy like when I used to put a dab of grease on my fingertip and hope it would hold the nut."
Lloyd Stivison
West Sunbury, PA



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